Teneno enables you to setup your own secure private network. You can then share files and folders between the different computers that are attached to this network. This articles will help you to share Files and Folders using a Mac OS.

Joining and Creating a Work Group in Mac OS X :

To share Files and Folders between different computers it is imperative to have the systems on the same Work Group.Below steps will help you to join or create a work group.

  • Choose System Preferences from the apple menu.
  • Select Network under the Internet and Wireless Section.

  • The Network pane displays a list with your Network connections. Select the active network connection, the one for which you want to change the Work Group.Click Advanced option at the bottom and you are shown the properties of the selected network connections.

  • Go to the WINS tab. In the Work Group Field , Type the new work group name you want to use.Please note it must be the same name used by the other computers in the network,to facilitate easy sharing of folders and devices.
  • When done,click OK and you are back to the Network pane.Then,click Apply and your workgroup settings are applied.

Sharing Folders and Files between Mac OS X :

Please note you can share files and folders with others only if they are on the same Network or Workgroup.We have just discussed it in the above section.

Below are the steps now to start sharing.

  • From the Apple menu select the System Preferences window.
  • Go to “Sharing“as shown in the figure below.Please make sure “File Sharing” option is ON.

  • Now to share the Folder/File Right click on that Folder/File that needs to be shared. In the figure below we are sharing a folder from the desktop by the name of “My Files“.Go to “Get Info” and check the “Shared Folder“. For changing permissions select the same option.

  • Now Select the Folder/File to be Shared .It will be Shared now.

Specific User Access on Mac Sharing :

You can share your entire Mac with everyone, or allow specific users access to only certain folders.This article will help you give specific amount of access to a User and to a Folder as well.

  • To specify the amount of access for a user, select the user in the Users list, click the triangles next to the user name, then choose one of the following:
  1. Read & Write: The user can see and copy files to and from the folder.
  2. Read Only: The user can view the contents of the folder but can’t copy files to it.
  3. Write Only (Drop Box): The user can copy files to the folder but can’t view its contents.
  4. No Access: The user can’t see or copy files from the folder.
  • OS X allows guests to access shared folders on your Mac. To turn off guest access, deselect “Allow guests to connect to shared folders” in the Guest Account pane of User & Groups preferences.
  • To give only specific user access to a Folder,select the folder in the shared folder list,then click Add+at the bottom of the user list. Then do one of the following as mentioned below.
  1. Select a User from Users & Groups, which includes all the users of your Mac.
  2. Select a User from Network Users or Network Groups, which includes everyone on your network.
  3. Select a person from your contacts. Create a password for the person, then click Create Account.

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