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If Customers using Mac OS X, as an operating system, face Network Connection Issues and can’t connect to Internet they should try the below basic trouble shooting methods to fix the problem.

  • Use Network Diagnostics :
  1. From the Apple Menu select System Preferences and click Network.
  2. Click Assist Me, and then click Diagnostics.
  3. The Network Diagnostic Utility will guide you through a series of questions and tests, ranging from checking your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to network configuration and DNS servers.
  4. The Network Diagnostic Utility can track down and sometimes repair network connection problems.

  • Bring Wi-Fi back to life :
  1. If your Mac connects to Internet via Wi-Fi, Check the Wi-Fi menu (at the top right of your screen) to make sure you are connected to the network you intend to be.
  2. If the menu’s icon has an exclamation point, indicating that it can’t successfully connect to any network,try choosing Turn Wi-Fi Off from the menu and Waite for 30 seconds.
  3. Then Choose Turn Wi-Fi On.If this does not work then try to Restart your Mac.

  • Check your DNS Settings :
  1. If your DNS server (Domain Name System) in Mac is Slow,offline,or faulty you may be unable to connect to any site or service by name.
  2. To Check if DNS is functional, Type in the URL : in the browser.This should bring up the site like Google.If it does not then you know that internet connection is fine but the problem is merely looking up domain names.
  3. To fix the problem, open the Network pane of System Preferences and select your network connection in the list on the left.
  4. Click Advanced and then DNS field.
  5. In the DNS server field,you would see more than one IP addresses. If those are enabled(black, as opposed to grey) then select each one in turn and click the minus sign button.Then, regardless of whether there are already addresses there in grey,click the plus sign button and enter;repeat with addresses point to OpenDNS).
  6. Click OK and then click Apply.Now try connecting again.

Please note OpenDNS is a free DNS service that’s often more reliable then the default servers your ISP uses.

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